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self-washing pets barcelona
Fresh Animals, a space designed for the care of our pets

Achieving the best welfare and the best experience for your pet,
where bathing, drying and sanitizing is a pleasure.

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Your pet cleans
in three steps.



Apply the hydrating mask, the conditioner and antiparasitic on your pet.


Rinse your pet from the products


Gentle drying of your pet.
self-service pet wash franchises

self-service pet wash franchises

Bathing our pets is a habit that should be included into our routine of taking care of them, along with proper dental hygiene, a healthy diet and some daily exercise. In this way we will be offering our pet not only the well-being and the quality of life it deserves, but greater possibilities of increasing its longevity.

The reason for grooming is none other than the removal of dirt that is deposited on the hair and skin of our pets during walks, exercise and games with other animals. This dirt can produce bad odours as well as some discomfort for the animal and even external diseases caused by bacteria, so by establishing a simple routine of cleanliness we can greatly contribute to maintain a good state of health